The PHOENIX FOOTBALL ACADEMY is run by BANGKOK GALAXY FC, a Youth Football Academy for children aged 5-19 which seeks to both develop technically excellent players and get them ready for competitive matches at all levels.

The PHOENIX FOOTBALL ACADEMY is run following the methodology of legendary Barcelona Coach Horst Wein focusing on Game Intelligence. Horst Wein???s revolution at youth level is what led to the creation of the golden Barcelona generation of Xavi, Busquets, Messi and Iniesta.

BANGKOK GALAXY FC director Valentin Reaud is a lifelong student of the Horst Wein methodology, applying it over the past 20 years in Thailand. Valentin was instrumental in inviting Horst Wein in 2017 to Thailand where he completed a seminar tour of the four most prominent Thai universities??? sports faculties.

BANGKOK GALAXY FC provides a pathway to two first division clubs in France, one first division club in Italy and one first division club in Portugal.

The PHOENIX FOOTBALL ACADEMY is a yearlong program where committed players train and compete throughout the whole year. The top 12 players of each age group are selected to join the RIS First team and represent the school at interscholastic leagues and tournaments during football season and return to the academy once that season ends to continue their development with their peers.

All PHOENIX FOOTBALL ACADEMY Players train on Saturdays and compete in friendlies, leagues, and tournaments on Sundays all year long with the majority of matches taking place at RIS.


Only PHOENIX FOOTBALL ACADEMY players are eligible for selection into the RIS First Team. Players with ambition to represent the School must train with the Academy all year round. We demand full commitment from players. If you don???t train, you don???t play.

Academy Fee: 7500thb per season or 28,000thb per year (13% discount).

Academy Uniform Fee: 1500thb includes both Home and Away kit as well as Training Shirt. 

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